My Approach

A Developmental Partnership

Father Playing with Son

Parenting is a journey of lessons: lessons to teach and lessons to learn. I firmly believe that parents are the best experts on their children: you know your child better than anyone else. Therefore my role in your parenting journey is to help you find the best solutions to the challenges that inevitably arise. Together we will be looking at your child’s behavior, what drives it and how the interplay between child’s developmental stage, temperament and early family experiences contribute to the root cause behind it. With these insights and my expertise in early child development, I will be guiding you to think about what your children need from you in order to develop good coping skills that will allow them to deal with future challenges they may encounter.


Some of the questions parents frequently seek help with are:

  • How to help children handle emotions and express them in acceptable ways?

  • How to help children adapt to changes and face them with flexibility?

  • How to teach children to follow rules and accept limits?

  • How to instill confidence in children's abilities to handle challenges?

  • How to facilitate formation of positive relationships with siblings and peers?

  • How to support children's smooth adaptation in group settings, such as daycare or school?

  • How to coparent effectively to promote healthy child development and adjustment?