Private Consultation Sessions

I capitalize on parental support of the child, and together we will address the feelings that your child's behaviors trigger in you and the ways you cope with them.

We will be charting which reactions help your child to remain calm, cope well and adjust better to changing life circumstances. At the same time, we will be addressing which responses increase challenging behaviors. I will then tailor custom solutions that will empower you as a parent and allow your child to thrive. All my recommendations are based on the most recent scientific evidence.

Our Services

  • 1-hour individual consultation with one email/phone follow-up

    1 hr

    100 US dollars

Consultations package plans

Oftentimes, after an initial consultation with me, you will want to continue learning how to support your child's development better. In that case, a consultation package will better suit your needs. During the follow-up consultations, I will present and help you implement an individualized support plan that will best fit your family needs. Through an ongoing supportive partnership, I will assist you reaching a successful resolution of the challenges you are facing, and answer your questions as they arise.