Child Development &

Parenting Specialist

Yana Sirotkin, M.A., Ph.D.

 Child Development Expert

I am an applied developmental psychologist, a university lecturer, and a researcher with over fifteen years of experience in infant typical and atypical development, parenting consultations and teacher support.

I have an extensive background in attachment theory, and specialize in evaluation of parenting styles, child social-emotional development and the regulation of emotions and behaviors.

In the recent years, my research work at the University of South Florida, has focused on co-parenting and emotion regulation of young children.

Throughout my career I have been helping parents nurture their young child's development through a supportive partnership and developing customized solutions, capitalizing on family strengths. I have worked with parents, teachers and young children in Israel and United States, providing family support and early intervention services.

Last, but certainly not least, I am a mother of two young children with whom each day I try to be a better parent.


Consultation Sessions
& Webinars


  • One-time consulting sessions.

  • Consultation packages.

  • Services are offered via Zoom.

  • Services are available in English, Russian & Hebrew. 


  • Webinars on a variety of child development and parenting topics.


Parents Recommend

Michelle S.

“Yana gave us the tools we needed to support Ellie's growth and help her thrive”

Luke M.

“There is no parenting license so you really are not that prepared to deal with all the challenges that parenthood brings along. That's why you need Dr. Sirotkin's help. She will share her knowledge and guide you when you are feeling lost".

Natalie B.

“I am so glad we found Dr. Sirotkin- not only she was able to help us deal with Oliver's challenges, but she empowered us with the understanding that we do know him best."