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Learning Together

Parenting is not an easy task and children do not arrive into our lives with manuals. Therefore, not surprisingly, most parents find they need some help and advice at certain times, even when there is no big challenge in their lives. If you would like to learn more about parenting, efficient techniques that actually work to help reduce frustration and misbehavior, and gain more confidence in your parenting skills, check out our upcoming webinars and invest in yourself by registering.


Join fellow parents, caregivers, educators or professionals and learn about variety of child development topics, understand how to connect better with your children or deal the parenting challenges your little ones are presenting you with. 

What will you get?

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30-minute live webinar.


Complimentary materials:
Information handouts and additional resources.


20% discount on a private consultation with Dr. Sirotkin.

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Boundaries & Routines

Why they are needed but rejected and how to weave them into your daily routine.

We will learn:

This course is for you if...

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Your child DOES NOT
LISTEN to you.

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Your child throws a TANTRUM every time he does not get what he wants.

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You PUNISH your child but he keeps misbehaving.

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It seems you CANNOT CONTROL your child's behavior.

What do you do when your child misbehaves?





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What does it lead to?

Are you sure you are doing the right thing and raising a well adjusted child who can control their emotions and behaviors?  

Dr. Sirotkin's webinars will provide
answers to these questions

After completing the webinar: 

Your child will become more respectful and calm.

You will not need to repeat each request many times.

Your child will listen and respond to your directions.

You will be less frustrated and more patient.

It is not too late to fix parenting mistakes!


It is in your hands to become a more patient, calm

and loving parent to your child.

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Webinar Program:

Your goals as a parent.

Why boundaries are important for children development?

Setting up effective boundaries and routines.

Anticipating child's resistance and dealing with it.


You can change your child's behavior

Our webinars are designed for

parents of children aged 0-18


The Author and Presenter of this Webinar

Dr. Yana Sirotkin

Applied developmental psychologist, university researcher, and lecturer.

Over 15 years of experience in infant typical and atypical development, parenting consultations and teacher support.

Author of numerous scientific papers focusing on attachment theory, parenting styles, coparenting, child social-emotional development and regulation of emotions and behaviors.

A mother of two young children.

Once you will learn to use a set of efficient parenting techniques, you will see your child transforming into the confident, resilient and respectful person you want to raise.



Natalie M.

After the course I worry less and am more patient with my children. I know that I am bigger, wiser and kinder and am more confident in my parenting.


Ron S.

The course gave me great tools to use in everyday life that help me maintain firm boundaries without feeling guilty or angry.


Erin K.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs I ever had but taking the course was the best investment, because now I am more confident and enjoy the time  spent with my child. 

I want to join the webinar,
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