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Is it worth worrying about your child's grades?

We begin evaluating children in school very early on. Even before the first grades are given teachers often use stickers, stamps and other signs of approval or disapproval. How does this early assessment shape children’s self-esteem, self-motivation and how does it affect parents’ perceptions of their little ones? More importantly, how should a parent respond to these early evaluations and later to their children’s grades to cultivate motivation towards learning rather than fear of rejection?

Psychological research shows that taking a test is one of the most common and strongest fears in children. This fear is often formed by parental expectations and responses to children’s grades. When parents judge their child’s character based on their grades, it is particularly detrimental to children’s motivation and to the parent-child relationship overall. The truth is, grades do not make the child better or worse than others, they just evaluate a very specific skillset or concept comprehension at one point in time.

What can you do to avoid disappointment and fear of grades in your child?

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